Chapter Thirty-Six: Silent But Deadly

There's a reason for this chapter title, so please bear with me - I promise no toilet humor 2013. Yet again I had to give in and give someone else the upper hand. Yet again I destroyed myself at the thought of losing my kids. I had been working too much, not eating enough, and... Continue Reading →

Part Two: Flaming Phoenix

Getting stable is one challenge, staying stable is another, and my sister made it look easy. Within 10 years of being physically healthy, mentally free, and emotionally motivated, my sister seemed on top of the world. She had a few cars, a plot of land, a nice home, a beautiful baby boy, and a caring... Continue Reading →

Chapter Thirty-Five: Battle Worn

This time was very busy for me, and also very sad. I was working multiple jobs I didn't like, but also doing well for myself emotionally and mentally. The only real issue I had was that I couldn't yet be on my own financially, and I really wanted to be with my children. My older... Continue Reading →

Part One: Forged in Fire

If you've read my blog post about my sister, then you already know a bit about what she's been through. If you haven't, let me recap: My sister has been through hell. 1995 When we were little, Shannon had it rough. Our step-father, Ralph, believed that she was faking illnesses to get out of learning... Continue Reading →

Chapter Thirty-Three: Single and Free

The kids, Curt and I later found a small trailer that was supposed to be temporary living. It was cheap, so we should've been able to maintain it while saving up for a better apartment - but the problem was Curt kept spending money on stupid stuff like books, cigarettes and takeout instead of taking... Continue Reading →

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