Passion: Rekindled

Chapter One: The Move

Chapter Two: Grim

Chapter Three: A Change of Heart

Chapter Four: Shakespeare’s Rebel

Chapter Five: Sisterly Love

Chapter Six: When Decisions Make People

Chapter Seven: Gypsy

Chapter Eight: Priest

Chapter Nine: Final Moments of Stability

Chapter Ten: Everything Changed At Once

Chapter Eleven: Excuse me, Life, but that’s not what I ordered.

Chapter Twelve: Botched Exit

Chapter Thirteen: Catching a Break

Chapter Fourteen: Independence Day Wreck

Chapter Fifteen: Escape Attempt

Chapter Sixteen: The Rape

Chapter Seventeen: Aftermath

Chapter Eighteen: Sleeping to Death

Chapter Nineteen: New Endings

Chapter Twenty: The Final Farewell

Chapter Twenty-One: Bittersweet Freedom

Chapter Twenty-Two: “New Plan”

Chapter Twenty-Three: Wrong Turn

Chapter Twenty-Four: An Unexpected Rescue

Chapter Twenty-Five: My Happy Secret

Chapter Twenty-Six: Losing Angel

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Professor

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Welcome to 2011

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Please Go Away Already

Chapter Thirty: Thinking with the Heart

Chapter Thirty-One: Damage Control Home and Student 2012

Chapter Thirty-Two: Surgical Adventures

Chapter Thirty-Three: Single and Free

Chapter Thirty-Four: A Moment of Peace

Chapter Thirty-Five: Battle Worn

Chapter Thirty-Six: Silent But Deadly

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