Chapter Thirty-Six: Silent But Deadly

There's a reason for this chapter title, so please bear with me - I promise no toilet humor 2013. Yet again I had to give in and give someone else the upper hand. Yet again I destroyed myself at the thought of losing my kids. I had been working too much, not eating enough, and... Continue Reading →

Chapter Thirty-Five: Battle Worn

This time was very busy for me, and also very sad. I was working multiple jobs I didn't like, but also doing well for myself emotionally and mentally. The only real issue I had was that I couldn't yet be on my own financially, and I really wanted to be with my children. My older... Continue Reading →

Chapter Thirty-Three: Single and Free

The kids, Curt and I later found a small trailer that was supposed to be temporary living. It was cheap, so we should've been able to maintain it while saving up for a better apartment - but the problem was Curt kept spending money on stupid stuff like books, cigarettes and takeout instead of taking... Continue Reading →

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