Chapter Thirty-Five: Battle Worn

This time was very busy for me, and also very sad. I was working multiple jobs I didn’t like, but also doing well for myself emotionally and mentally. The only real issue I had was that I couldn’t yet be on my own financially, and I really wanted to be with my children.

My older two children were back with Gypsy, who had a girlfriend he was lying to me about. First, they both told me she was gay, and that they were not together, but then they moved in together and were out at the bar almost all the time. The day my children came to me and said Gypsy told them she was their “other mama”, I lost my cool.

Gypsy denied it, of course, and was using the children to try to control me, so I took a screenshot of his message and posted it publicly to Facebook, and tagged his boss in it. I was tired of him lying to everyone about everything all the time – telling people I lied about the rape, saying I lied about him being a violent drunk when we were together, he lied about the various women he was bringing around the children, lied about dating this new woman, lied about trying to recreate his perfect family with her, and lied about how he treated me. So I finally got the nerve to post his threats to me on Facebook, I tagged everyone he knew in it, and left it there.

Then I got a message from him,

When he used the kids to threaten me again, I saved it and posted that, too. But since he mentioned custody, I remembered that we had a custody case that had been opened since 2010, in which I mistakenly listed him as the petitioner, but we couldn’t proceed because Gypsy refused to do anything like he was supposed to. Our initial parenting agreement when we filed gave us 50/50 time share with me having decision-making authority since I took care of all of their insurance issues, schools, and extras. He signed it, so I could’ve requested that it be entered as the default order – if I had known about defaults at the time.

So I was stuck. I knew nothing about the law, nothing about legal paperwork, couldn’t afford an attorney, couldn’t get one through legal services, and Gypsy had full control over the custody case.

On top of this, he completely stopped letting me see the kids, and without a custody order there was nothing I could do.

So, I stopped sleeping, my weight dropped from 150lbs to 125lbs, I was still working 3 jobs (Walmart, Waffle House, and private security) and decided to go back to college to try YET AGAIN – but selected law courses as my electives.

Then suddenly, I got VERY sick…

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