Chapter Thirty-Four: A Moment of Peace

Ahh….yes. Finally free. I can get rid of this godforsaken nasty trailer and finally get my life where I need it to be. Problem was, the only place I could go was to live with my sister again, and she didn’t have enough room for me and all three of my babies. My only choice left me in tears: I had to give my older two children back to Gypsy.

Strangely enough, he started being nice to me. My sister was being nice to me. Things were strangely peaceful for the first time in years.My sister even paid for me to obtain a security license, and I helped her husband at a restaurant every so often because I was a Waffle House server at the time. I was also working overnights at Walmart, and going to college during the day. I had my youngest daughter in a daycare so my sister wouldn’t have to worry about her, and I was visiting my mother regularly with food because she would get so caught up in her work that she would forget to eat. Life was good.

But my car started having trouble, and after 5 starters my mother just signed my name on the title and gave it to a junk service. I was extremely upset – at first.

1988 Pontiac 6000 LE

I was upset…until my mother told me why she had gotten rid of the car. She got me A DIFFERENT ONE

I have never been so in love with any vehicle as I was with this 1997 4WD Geo Tracker

January 2013 rolls around, I am now working security instead of working at walmart, I’m still on call at Waffle House, my daughter is doing well in daycare (no separation anxiety), I had lost weight and was back down to 135 lbs, and I was back in college. My family and I were getting along, I had this awesome little truck, and everything seemed perfect.

I was even talking to Grim again…

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