Chapter Twenty-Two: “New Plan”

Having gotten lost at the college, I ran into an old friend of mine. I never really thought much about Curt – I was a cashier when we met, and he was the baker. He never actually crossed my mind after I left. He was 6 years older than me, and I honestly didn’t know him well enough to want to give him a chance.

But when we started talking at campus, he called a cab for us, and took me out for food, for which I was grateful. While we ate, I told him of the most recent events – and that the shelter was forbidding me from contacting Gypsy, which was preventing me from getting my children back. Curt then offered to help me.

He was staying in a hotel at the moment, but was in school and had a job. Seemed ambitious enough. I had a job, too, and really just needed to be in a position that would allow me more space to roam. It seemed like a reasonable arrangement – I specifically told him I was not interested in a relationship, and that I’d had enough of them. It was meant to be strictly a business arrangement.

But a mutual friend I’d not seen since high school came over, with a LOT of alcohol in a cloth shopping bag. We drank, and I felt somewhat relieved to be freed of Gypsy and in a position to do for myself – even if I wasn’t sure what I would do with that freedom outside of getting my children back.

Curt insisted that all I had to do was

  1. Get a place
  2. Get a car in my name
  3. Get a job

He swore it was that easy – but I knew better, and he didn’t know Gypsy. Eventually, I’d formulated a plan to get my life back on track – assuming it ever really was to begin with. In the meantime, I’d try to enjoy myself a little bit while I had the freedom to do so. Honestly, it didn’t end how I’d planned.

Curt and I wound up in bed together – geez was I ashamed. He was…honestly…a gross fat guy. Exact opposite of Gypsy, and sweet, but immature, self-righteous, over-confident and under-educated. His maturity level was that of a middle schooler, and he thought that disgusting, racist and sexist things were funny. But like I said, he was still kind – a bit of a sap, really. Easy to manipulate. I could use this to my advantage, so although I specifically said I did not want a relationship, I kind of rolled with it when he started telling people I was his girlfriend.

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