Chapter Eighteen: Sleeping to Death

I awoke the next morning just enough to put my son to his crib and go to bed. I did not wake again for some time – and no one in the house could wake me. I’d already almost miscarried my daughter in the beginning due to stress alone, and had lost my chance at a job with Office Depot because of it. We knew there were problems with the pregnancy, and I had to take it easy.

What we didn’t know was that it was killing me.

Gypsy managed to get me to my doctor, who did bloodwork as I was passed out on his table. He checked the baby first, of course, who was strong and well. We had to return home to await the bloodwork results. I don’t remember leaving the doctor’s office at all.

I awoke to the sounds of Gypsy’s phone (that big, ugly Spring PTT brick thing I couldn’t stand) and he spoke to the doctor (not the office staff – the actual doctor called) then immediately grabbed me up and took me to the pharmacy.

The doctor told Gypsy that my thyroids were failing, my glucose levels were dangerously low, my potassium levels were almost non-existent. My organs were failing, and if I couldn’t wake up, I would go into a coma and likely die. He’d called in some meds at the pharmacy down the road. Get me there, take something immediately, then call him back ASAP. Monitor me for improvement, or take me to the ER. Call him back if there are any problems.

When the meds were working, I was constantly eating anything with tuna and cheese in it. I would take my son to the mall, get a massive sweet tea and walk him everywhere. I would sit with him in the livingroom, play with him or do stuff on my laptop, read, just simple things I liked that passed the time. But when the meds wore off, I would crash. I would forget to take more, and when Gypsy got back he’d have to literally feed the meds to me, bring food (CAPTAIN D’S FRIED FISH AND SWEET TEA AT 2AM DEAR GOD THANK YOU) and make sure I was okay. I would say that our time together during my second pregnancy was probably the only time in our 4 years together that we were actually a “couple”, the only time he was actually caring.

But I don’t remember much of any of it, and after my daughter was born, things changed again.

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