Chapter Fifteen: Escape Attempt

The month of July was a harsh one. A dear friend of mine from high school, Ben, had been killed in an accident very similar to mine – just two weeks after – and had been going 70MPH straight into a stand of trees on his way home from a (comic) con. The only reason I survived and he didn’t was that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and I was. I had a lot of survivor’s guilt after that, but I can’t imagine the pain that his passenger and best friend went through. I made sure he knew that I was happy to see him alive, and that I did not blame him. I think that the last time I saw him was at the funeral. But Ben…the last time I saw him was at the mall. I was walking my son, and saw him, stopped him, and gave him a huge hug. I introduced him to my son, and asked what he was up to. He told me he was busy planning for a trip. I wish I had known. ~*~Rest in peace~*~ my friend. I ended up getting a ride from Gypsy’s mother to the funeral, because Gypsy was asleep and refused to let me use the van. I also was not permitted to bring my son. I ended up walking back home afterwards because Gypsy had disconnected my phone to keep me from talking to Grim, and I had no way to call for a ride.


However,  I had about 5 email accounts at the time. I was using one to plan with Grim to take my son and leave to Georgia with him. I didn’t tell anyone anything about it, but somehow Gypsy found out the day I was planning to leave, and took my son from my arms, held him against a bed so I couldn’t get to him, and forced me to leave the house without him. Gypsy was not on the birth certificate at the time, so this was technically kidnapping.

I didn’t want to risk Gypsy getting angry and attacking me with my son in the room, so I went to Georgia and asked the police there to help me get my son back. Before there was even a chance to get that started, I started getting emails. Apparently, he told everyone that I’d abandoned my son, I was a deadbeat mother, I cheated on him, etc etc…and had everyone fooled into thinking he was the victim – even my sister. This was when the relationship between my sister and me really ended. Gypsy and my sister started pushing her into my son’s life as the female parent-like role model. They started having an affair. But Gypsy tried to get my son’s birth certificate to try to file something against me, and found out that he had no legal power whatsoever. That’s when he started sending me threats. He told me that if I didn’t come back to Florida to add him to the birth certificate, he would file that I abandoned my son and strip me of my rights so he could add himself to the document. being 19 and stupid, not knowing what else to do to keep from losing my son, I complied. I came back to GA one other time to get my things, and by October 2008, I was right back where I started.

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