Chapter Thirteen: Catching a Break

2007 had come and gone so quickly, it seemed! Or maybe I was just too focused on the big moments that marked the year’s overall progression. I’m not sure. In either case, I lived through it – miraculously.

In February 2008, my mother had signed over to me her blue 1991 Ford Taurus, and by March 2008, I’d begun working alongside my mother in housekeeping while attending a GED prep course through the local college – yes, I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Mom made sure to pick on me often about it. Life was starting to look up for me, and I had plenty to occupy me and keep me away from Gypsy. I took opportunity to visit Grim to update him on the pregnancy, and to get his opinion on things such as circumcision and the like (did I mention I was having a boy?). Gypsy was, of course, against it. Grim was for it. I was caught in the middle because I believed that circumcision would prevent many health risks in the future, but that it was not actually medically necessary. In the end, I decided to get it done, and paid for it in secret so Gypsy wouldn’t know.

In April 2008, I completed my GED prep course, passed all the practice tests, and got a waiver to take the true test for free. I arranged it at Tom P Haney Technical Center, took the test, and passed it on the first try. Not only this, but just as it was with The U.S. Military ASVAB, I was the youngest person in the room, and the first one finished, with the highest score. (I later sent a scanned copy of that diploma to Principal Pastor in an email titled “Boo-Ya!”, because I’m a mature adult and that’s just what we do)

On May 20, 2008, I woke up at about 5am to some serious cramps. Gypsy’s mother woke up and called him. I sent him messages on Myspace. I started posting blog posts on Myspace. I started sending PMs to all my friends on Myspace. All asking the same thing:


Gypsy told me he would come get me when he got off work at 7:30. TWO HOURS LATER. But he did not actually get home until 9am. By then I was lucky I could walk. He helped me to the van, drove me to the hospital, and walked me to their maternity ward. I was admitted to triage and confirmed to be dilated at 4cm – official labor, the day before the actual due date. I was excited-scared.

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