Chapter Nine: Final Moments of Stability

Grim, Ruby, Gypsy, and now Priest. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F***? Really? Did I honestly go completely hormonal after finally losing my V-Card? I wanted to just return to my normal, pre-sex life, with my daily routine and my “doesn’t care about sex” boyfriend. I wanted to be happy, busy, and not confused anymore. So what did my dumb ass do? On January 17, 2007, I got a damned job with Grim and Gypsy in the security department at hotel hell. (My smartest decision ever, I tell ya hwhat).

Thankfully, I was scheduled under a supervisor other than Gypsy, on the same shift as Grim, away from Ruby and in a routine I actually rather liked. I could work full time overnight, go to high school during the day, and still be able to fulfill my Army duties. However, my mom got tired of my schedule, my sneaking out all the time, fighting with her boyfriend…I ended up moving in with my sister. I felt a little bit more freedom then, because she told me that as long as I paid my part and finished school, I could do whatever I wanted. And for the most part I got my own rides to and from everything. She still gave me rides to some things, but not everything, which I liked (I had a license, just no car, and let me tell you, the world thanks me for it.). For the first time in my life, I felt like I had my “home life” where I wanted it. Now, if only I could straighten out the constrictor knot that was my love life…



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