Chapter Seven: Gypsy

So, on the morning of my 18th birthday, I suppose that Grim was just trying to be polite. I know he realized what had happened in his absence, but it was my birthday, so he didn’t mention anything to me about it – even after the fact. Maybe, on his part, it was hopeful denial. (He had, after all, spent some time during recent years telling me that I should find someone else who would give me the future I most desired, so the initial shock of it actually happening might not have occurred to him) So we continued his original plan to introduce me to his co-workers. (Shame filled showers and awkward, silent drives! My favorite kind!)

Side note: When I had just returned from Army training, he had planned a weekend for me at one of the hotels that he worked for, and I knew nothing about it, but it fell through because my mother would not allow me to stay with him beyond one night. His coworkers became curious about whether or not I was imaginary.

When we arrived to his job, we sat in a smoking area/underpass they called “underground parking” even though it wasn’t really underground. I met the majority of his co-workers, and towards the very end, his supervisor, “Gypsy” came out. He was the same height as me, had on strange jewelry, an undercut ponytail (The top was still long but the sides were shaved off), no neck, Hispanic – kind of like a troll doll, honestly. (I’m not trying to be racist or offensive, I’m giving a visual image here, so take a straw and suck it up.)


Having never really been exposed to other ethnicities before aside from the Black American community, I was caught slightly off guard at the time, and went silent as they talked. Observing

“God, damn, Grim!” The first words out of his mouth, “She’s fucking hot!”

My guard instantly went up.

I turned to Grim, and quietly said, “I don’t trust him”

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